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The company SARD has been operating in the construction of cranes since 1967. The founder of SARD Alberto Dazzi, began in 1949 as a repairer of earth-moving machines both mechanically and electrically. The experience gained over time, the great spirit of inventiveness, the need of operators, led him to create a machine capable of lifting and handling materials and manufactured goods of heavy weights and dimensions in the various industrial sectors, thus constituting in 1967 the ” SARD snc “.

Alberto Dazzi availing himself of a few but valid collaborators began the production of self-propelled mobile cranes in series of various capacities, from before almost exclusively destined to the local market, and then to the national market. It is no coincidence that the birth of these vehicles took place in Carrara “Capital of marble”; the validity of this machine has led to an expansion of sales even outside the national borders.

In the ’70s -‘ 80s with the entry of the children, in the staff of the SARD, there has been a considerable improvement both on the technological and organizational side. Immediately in the following years it was understood that the machines needed to be publicized in a more effective and radical way.

This result was achieved in the years 70/80 through the Milan trade fair in the mechanical sector, later thanks to the birth in Carrara in 1979 of the first “Marmi e Macchine” fair, whose SARD, not only participated but it was one of the founding members of this event.
With the arrival of the new millennium and with the contribution of the third generation, the management policy has been further consolidated bringing the name of the SARD in all four continents making itself known as a leading company in the sector.

All our machines have been developed and built with the best safety standards, especially for the stone sector where a special attention has been paid to the handling of the laboratory and the loading and unloading of bundles from container boxes. In this regard, SARD boasts the patent in the construction of the fork extension, designed to minimize the risk factors for the operator during the operations mentioned above.

In addition to the different load carrying capacity of the machines, SARD can supply all its models, both the diesel-powered and electric version; according to the customer’s needs, the machine can be equipped with accessories such as the winch, the hydraulic, mechanical and fork extension.